Hadiya Li Africa Commodity Brokerage (Pty) Ltd
Hadiya Li Africa Commodity Brokerage is a dynamic commodity brokerage company based in Cape Town (South Africa) that supplies an extensive range of commodities.

Hadiya Li Africa means "Gift of Africa"

Mission Statement: We will strive to optimize our distribution network through the effective use of our selling channels and in so doing not only build relationships with our customers but with local communities as well.

Our service is distribution of a line of core patented products. As Hadiya has sole rights to the product our market share potential is huge as there is no other distribution channel offering similar products.

Our core competency will be in distribution and selling. Our strengths are inherent in our people. We have a management team with years of experience in Retailing, IT, Distribution, Warehousing, Financial Management and Legal.

We want to project an image that is seen by our customers as that of utmost corporate responsibility. We want to be seen as a company that not only believes in their product, but also wanting to make a difference.